Orthotics and Children

Practically all foot imbalances stem from childhood. Bunions for example, thought to be caused from poor fitting shoes are in fact primarily caused from abnormal foot mechanics and then are aggravated by shoes. These bone imbalances can be recognized as early as age three or four.

If a child has feet that flatten or roll in excessively (called "pronation") the chances are that they will go on to have problems in later life. At an early age, structures of the foot can be easily repositioned to grow in proper alignment. Very often children will not complain of the foot problems and so check-up good idea with all children.

Orthotics for a growing foot can be financially daunting. Often orthtotics may have to be worn for serveral years or throughout one's life. In order to assist families we have a Outgrowth Policy for Orthotics.

Outgrowth Policy for Orthotics

1. First pair of orthotics are at the non-discounted fee/price

2. Each additional orthotics afterwards till the age of 18 are at approx. 33% off the normal fee/price.

*the need for orthotics should be assessed and changed every two shoe sizes.