Treatment Experience

Upon your first visit an orthopaedic and neurological exam will be performed to determine areas affected and extent to which they are affected. X-rays, C.T. scans, and MRIs will be reviewed if they have been performed. If we deem that you could benefit from decompression a treatment plan will be discussed.

"Spinal decompression treatment which involves pretreatment and post-treatment using research backed protocols makes a big difference on success and failure of treatment."

Spinal Decompression

20 to 30 mins will be spent on the table in a relaxing atmosphere as the appropriate segment is painlessly decompressed. You will remain fully clothed during treatment.

2. Cold Laser Treatment

Cold laser treatment will be applied to the affected area because of its positive effects on reducing inflammation , reducing pain as well as its healing promotion effects. If other therapies or chiropractic care are needed it will be recommended they be performed at the same time as cold laser application. Other treatments such as ultrasound, heat and spinal adjustments may be used depending on the individual case. Spinal adjustments on their own, when performed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, have been shown to reduce disc bulges and reduce pain and disability associated with sciatica and associated conditions.

3. Nutritional Intervention

Appropriate nutritional interventions and supplements will be recommended to ensure you have the necessary raw materials to help with the healing process.

4. Rehab and Exercises

The nature of the exercises recommended will change throughout your treatment starting with mobility exercises and ending with core stabilization exercises during the second half of treatment. The right exercises at the wrong time will negatively impact the results. It is imperative that our instructions are followed and not supplemented with other exercise regimens.