Cost Of Care

Spinal Decompression is a complex treatment requiring commitment from both the patient and the doctor. The time required for an effective spinal decompression treatment (beneficial pre and post treatment included) as well as use of specialized equipment determines the cost of care.
Cost of treatment can be charged per visit or prepaid for a treatment protocol. Multiple visits are often required to achieve desired results. You are never locked into a treatment program and may discontinue care at any time without penalty.

Spinal decompression therapy usually requires ten to twenty visits to give longer lasting results. Any clinic claiming they do Spinal Decompression in less treatments, poorly understand the concepts behind successful spinal decompression therapy and should be avoided at all cost and their therapy will be no more effective than traction in giving the patient long term relief.

Any clinic offering treatment of this type at an overly discounted price must also be avoided at all cost. Often these clinics are using traction tables with some decompression features and calling their treatment spinal decompression. It is not the fault of the clinic because, it has been marketed as such by equipment reseller. These clinics often do not have significant training in spinal decompression protocols to understand and deliver the most optimum care, and results often fall short of helping the patient long term.